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Use this page to vent about T-Mobile and allow for the whole world to see.  We recommend that you state your opinion of T-Mobile in the “In my opinion…” format so that your remark is not considered “Slander” or “Libel”.


  1. Mike Landry

    I F**KING HATE TMOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ***Edited to soften tone

  2. Matt Lambert

    T-Mobile F**KING SUCKS!!!!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF A**HOLES!!!!

    ***Edited to soften tone

  3. Jon Reith

    tmobile is a bunch of crooked salad tossing pink sock having gramanus banging wing flapping dirty sanchez giving dbags…

  4. Hubert Thomas

    “In my opinion (ha!)…” … Tmobile are a cunch of bunts, and that was one reason I so happily switched to Virgin Mobile! I had a full rant, here: (feel free to use it as you wish).

    “Full Rant” Below;


    For starters, I am saving almost $600 a year. With no contract, too. For many years I stayed in the world of prepaid voice phones only, but decided to take the step to a “proper” phone with a proper expensive monthly charge.

    I am not a talker, and always found the 500 minutes to be overly excessive for my needs (maybe I’d use about 50 minutes) and of course with no roll-over I would lose those minutes. Data was what I needed in a phone. I’d use the data for email, some browsing, GPS and the occasional YouTube video. And I have a fancy phone (or at least it was the bees knees when I started with T-Mobile a year ago).

    Once the excitement of my Nexus One and the whizzo data service, and all that comes with it had worn off, I started to wonder what I was paying nearly $70 a month for. After a few months of my wondering this, Virgin Mobile released their second Android phone (the LG Optimus). My wife has their first Android phone, and it’s nowhere as good as the Nexus One, so I was skeptical about the LG Optimus, but at $149 I had little to lose and ordered one online. The phone is smaller than the Nexus One, but does everything I need it to do.

    One unadvertised benefit for me is that when I am at work or inside a building, the T-Mobile data would fall back to EDGE speeds from the 3G data speed, which would be a big inconvenience, as that would be when I am trying to do something productive with the phone such as looking up prices, checking flight information. The CDMA system from Virgin Mobile (carried by Sprint, I know) has so far never dropped off the 3G speed, so that has left me suitably impressed.

    The monthly charge is my biggest smiling point! $26 a month with Virgin Mobile, compared with T-Mobile at nearly $70. For me, T-Mobile is simply a rip off.

    And the final sour taste in my mouth from T-Mobile was when I ported my number to Virgin Mobile. Although I was only a few days into my new T-Mobile month, my porting of the number caused the greedy sons of bitches at T-Mobile to charge me for a full month of service without giving me any service*. I was not even able to have a temporary number available on my old T-Mobile SIM card for the remainder of the month, so my $70 was just money pissed up the wall for the benefit of T-Mobile’s bottom line.

    So, in conclusion, if you are looking for an inexpensive Android phone with a low monthly charge, seriously consider Virgin Mobile, and think really hard before agreeing to a one- or two-year contract with another provider.


    * Bitter? Yes. I don’t work for Virgin Mobile. I am just a happy customer of theirs. And an unhappy former customer of T-Mobile. I have just noticed that had I held out for another year, I would be an unhappy customer of AT&T / T-Mobile.

  5. heath

    So I had an automatic payment set up. I paid it 9 days before it was due. Tmobile still ran it thru my bank not 1 2 3 but 4 times!! This charged me 140 at my bank. Then the other day they cut my phone off. I called and they said my account is 55 days past due. I said how I jus paid 460 on the 2nd and today is the 21. They said cuz the 55 dollar charge. So I said if I pay it is my account ok?. I got 13 diff answers frm 11 diff ppl!

    • Barbara Reyes

      SAME THING HERE!!!! I payed my account, Balance 0. One week later they shut my phones off for an unpayed balance of $84. Two weeks ago Aug 3, they where suppose to take 64 out of my account… They did not and recharged me for it a week after I payed my balance in full. They said that the 64 was returned on the 15th. But online sez the 65 was payed on the 3rd. My account has NO record of them even taking the $ out OR having it returned. NOW my phone are off and even if I pay the $now 84 (they added another 20 on to the 64) I will have to pay $74 on my next month bill for a reinstatement fee. And I got the same run around , transferred to different dpts. even got hung up on once. I have had it with these PPL. why they are allowed to do this to pll in this supposedly great country? seriously, I should ask them if we can at least get some dinner? Because I at least like to be wined and dined before I get f**ked.

  6. padrino68434

    In November of 2010 we arranged for four T-Mobile phones on a family plan in the Kansas City area. One of the phones was to be used by a son attending college in Florida, one by a son directing a christian mission in a small town in Kansas and the other two in the KC area. We went to great pains to insure that each phone would work in the area as stated. We were told by the T-Mobile store agent that the phone being used at the mission would be roaming the majority of the time but that would not be a problem. In November of 2011 we received a letter from T-Mobile stating that the phone service for the phone being used at the mission was being canceled because of excessive roaming. Despite our protestations and what we were told T-Mobile would not reverse its’ decision although they did say that they would wave the early termination fee. They would wave the early termination fee? We did not terminate we were terminated. We then requested to change to a plan with less minutes because we were less one phone. We were told that in order to change plans we would have to extend service for one year. Fat chance! I would recommend that you each write to your local paper and advise those seeking new phone service to first search this site. I would further recommend that anyone seeking new cellular service avoid T-Mobile as they would avoid a syphlitic wh**e. The time has come for a class action lawsuit. T-Mobile is vulnerable and such an action might just do them in.

    • laniscat

      Let me know if there is ever a class action suit against T Mobile. I will be happy to join. They are the pits of cell phone nation.

  7. e e b

    I understand how you feel padrino68434. I accepted a deal a few months back where I would switch plans so I could get a new phone (mine was starting to fail, it was out of warranty, and I was on a monthly plan with no contract), because the phone rep led me to believe I had to do that to get the phone he suggested. I ended up exchanging the phone twice in less than a month. Anyways, I called them to ask to send back the phone (I was still in buyer’s remorse) and switch back to my monthly plan with no contract. The rep I spoke with informed me that I could send back the phone in buyer’s remorse, but the contracts for all the lines on my account would stand because the plan I was switched to required a two year contract. I told that rep, and three others I spoke with later, and four Customer Relations and Contract Review reps I corresponded with via e-mail, that I was led to believe if I didn’t like the phone I could send it back and switch back to my previous plan (none of this was ever discussed with me by the reps I spoke with to get this deal done). I then asked if I could order a different phone and get the same deal (free), but was told the deal was a one time offer for that phone and I can’t upgrade any of my lines on my accoount since the plan I am now on doesn’t allow for upgrades (once again, another thing I was never explained by anyone). I tried to get the Contract Review department to listen to the calls so they could hear what I was trying to tell them. Instead of doing that they sent me a letter and several e-mails saying they couldn’t locate my account based upon the information I provided them (I sent them my account information numerous times). Finally I became so frustrated that I sent the last person who e-mailed me that they couldn’t locate my account a reply e-mail telling them I had given them my info. several times and that the ball to fix this mess was now in their court. I promptly received a letter from Customer Relations stating in plain terms that their decision was final…Wow…as a former employee of T-Mobile, I was not suprised and I’ve heard, seen, and witnessed several worse scenarios than mine. ANYONE THINKING OF HAVING T-MOBILE BE THEIR SERVICE PROVIDER WATCH OUT…They hook you with a good deal on phones and a plan, but after that it’s like an organized crime family in the movies: once you get in, you ain’t never getting out.

  8. Mike

    Add me to the list of T-Mobile haters. I got tired of getting no coverage in the areas to which I travel. The upgrade to a 4G sim card didn’t do squat, so I went to a different provider and now experience great coverage, at a much lower cost. So T-Mobile decides to stick it to me one last time: the final bill, for four days of service, is higher than what my usual monthly bill for a full 30 day cylce would normally be!

    Goodbye, Catherine Zeta-Jones!

  9. laniscat

    I absolutely hate T Mobile. I have a difficult time getting a signal at my house even though a tower is nearby. I have better luck getting a signal in a small country house 100 miles away. My mobile phone is the only phone I have and I need it at my house. I have called and written the parent company. They said I might have to go outside or get in the car to get a signal. Guess what? I live in one of the rainiest cities in the country. I cannot always go outside and even if I do, the signal is still weak. I would drop T Mobile today if I were not in a contract. It will cost me $200 to terminate the contract at this time. My contract ends on March 19, 2014. I know the exact date because it will not come soon enough. I am seriously thinking about early termination and paying the $200. I
    Here are some of the problems I am having.
    1. The phone has 1 bar or no signal
    2. If I am talking to someone on the phone and walk through the house, the call is dropped.
    3. If I lean over while talking, the call is dropped.
    4. People often tell me I am “breaking up”.
    I hate this company!!!!!

    • admin

      You can try and use the fact that they do not provide the service you pay them for to get out of the contract. But if you use more than 50% of your minutes a month, they are going to try and use that to stop you by saying “seems as if you are using it a lot to us”. They always have an angle! I would suggest contacting the Better Business Bureau ( And even the Attorney General (Lisa Madigan’s office) as both will require t-mobile executive customer service reps to contact you regarding the complaint. Good luck!

  10. Jake

    Just another tmo hate site!

  11. Lloyd

    Here is my T mobile story.
    We are old t mobile customer service from 13 years ago. (2016 now). I switched my entire family because back in the day, their signal is HORRIBLE. Now in 2016 their deal seems attractive on monthly price plus my forgiving belief that their signal has improved since.
    I signed up with t mobile with a TeleSales agent named Lisa W on the t-mobile sales department from their website. After studying their plans and speaking with sales representatives, Lisa W. gave me a promotion of Additional 20GB on top of the 6GB plan per line as a new customer promotion and because I have excellent credit with no deposit required. I know I am not hearing crazy voices, I made her repeat this information like a parrot bird several times just to make sure. We close the deal and i agree to the Free SIM cards in the mail. Later that evening, I called T-Mobile sales department again and all the bláck people there tell me this promotion is NOT TRUE and there is no such thing. Of course I’m furious because my previous study a week before confirmed my suspicion that Lisa W. Promise is Bullcrap!!! A few days later I call to cancel and once again the order T-Mobile support representative Lindsay A. reassures me that this promotion does exist and I have nothing to worry about—I should accept the service next week. I believe her again and I call back 30 minutes and I spoke with Spencer L. From T-Mobile order support and he confirms with me that this promotion is NOT TRUE and researched it on the website. He said Lindsay A. Sits across from his cubicle and will correct her now. Spencer L. And I review the website together and reveals that this promotion for “10GB” FREE is from year 2015 and there is a bold instruction that T-Mobile representatives should NOT offer this because it has expired. All in all I don’t agree with this shítty false fake sales practice and has ruined my hopes that T-Mobile is right for our seven lines. We will stick with AT&T which is a tad more expensive but they are honest and brutal about their service upfront like Verizon. In AT&T service is crystal clear. You pay for service plan, phone line fee, and (monthly installment for iPhone payoff if you have one) and add tax and fees that’s it!!! T-Mobile is a LIAR and I am glad I kept calling back to discover their deceit. I am NOT continuing with their service, I wasted a credit check on these hooligans and I will REJECT their SIM cards on the UPS on Wednesday delivery.

    By the way I also found out that t-mobile international fee to call other countries (Mexico is free) is $15.00 fee per month plus whatever cents per minute to other countries. One of the girls told me this is $10.00 and it was false. AT&T is cheaper it is only $5.00 fee plus whatever cents per minute to call international (Mexico is free). Go to Satàn T-MOBILE keep your inferior and infernal signal children of Beelzeebub!!!!!

  12. Mike NotHappy

    Just bought a Alcatel LinkZone, a god damn MiFi but T-Mobile makes it out to be something “really special”. Bought it with 6gb of data. Setting up the MiFi router alone consumed nearly 1gb out of the 6gb allotted. A call to T-Mobile’s horrible off-shore customer support ended up in an hour of wasted time going in circles. After 2 hours and finally speaking to a US technical support person, they said it was an error in their system. That’s a great way to start with a new customer. The MiFi is being sent back and we won’t be transferring our Sprint phones to T-Mobile. By the way, taxes and fees WERE CHARGED. Maybe Sprint ain’t so bad after all.

  13. Amy

    I’ve been with Tmobile since 2006 and I tell you, they don’t give a damn about customer loyalty nor does Tmobile give a damn about standards. I can’t believe they merged with Sprint of all companies. My phone service has been terrible ever since the merge. I’ve expressed my service problems to Tmobile and all they do is say “wait till the upgrade is complete on your area’s cell tower”. Yeah keep waiting while I pay full price for half the service. They don’t offer any kind of credit or anything for them putting me out. Screw Tmobile. I told them we were shopping around for a new service provided and they still didn’t give a damn. I’m sure all the other cell phone companies have the same shitty service so I’m sure we’ll get screwed no matter what company we choose. They all suck but Tmobile takes the cake on being the worst.


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