The Point of This Site

This site was created after many many frustrated years of dealing with a “in my opinion” horrible and absolutely terrible service provider.  I don’t get how phone companies have somehow managed to position themselves in a way that allows them to lock people into such 1 sided contracts.  I was under the impression that the contract I signed with T-Mobile was something along the lines of; they will provide me with phone service and I will provide them with payments for said service.  In reality, I signed a contract that has a provision in its Terms and Conditions, stating “T-Mobile does not guarantee availability of wireless network.”  T-Mobile has graciously pointed this out to me on numerous occasions when I felt as if I should be let out of the contract without Early Termination Fees (ETF) due to the lack of service. Yet, regardless of whether or not they are providing me with service, I am required to pay them monthly and uphold my end of the contract or I am in breach of contract and subject to having my service terminated.  Not the bill though.  Those would keep coming!

Solution to this problem?  Nothing?  Grin and bear it.  You’d have an easier time panning for gold in the Grand Ol’ Mississippi then you would getting out of this contract.

My Story (the source of the hatred)

I became a T-Mobile customer about 6 years ago when I started a new business venture with a friend of mine.  Together we reviewed the multi-lined business plans of all carriers and eventually settled on T-Mobile because of their price.  BIG MISTAKE! (in my opinion)

We purchased an 800 number and a service that allows our phone systems to forward in coming calls to different numbers.  We also, have spent money on advertising for the company with all forms of advertising using this 800 number  as the main number to reach the company.  Only to find out that more often then not, calls were not going through.  The phone system was functioning properly (it was checked) just not T-Mobile.  Turns out we were regularly missing calls, voicemails, and even text messages.  If we were lucky, they may have come hours or even days later.

Big issue here is that, when a potentially new customer tries to reach a company for the first time and is unable (or worse left an unreturned message) they will simply move on to the next company offering the service they are in need of.  If they found out about my company through a paid advertisement, then not only is that potential sale lost, but the money spent on that advertisement was wasted as well.  Bottomline… T-MOBILE IS COSTING ME MONEY!!!

When I contacted T-Mobile about this problem, they apologized and told me it had to be an issue with the phones.  I have personally been through 17 different phones with them, and each of the other lines have have similar numbers.  Not a single one has ever fixed the problem.  Why?   Because it is clearly not a problem with the phones, but the network, which T-Mobile will not acknowledge.  They love to claim how much phone time my company has used (throwing total minutes used stats the month before at me) as their argument on how “they must be working fine”.  What they fail to admit is that, they do not record number of dropped calls, calls that do not go through, time where network was unavailable, instances where VM’s or TM’s were not delivered, etc.  If they had then their numbers become valid.  But until, then it is simply a slap in the face.  Of course, we use a lot of minutes.  We are trying to run a business and use the phones whenever they are working and is possible to the fullest extent that we can!  That is why we pay for the largest plan possible with them!!!  Yet, despite our lack of service, extremely large amount of technical service hours logged, and new phones being shipped out they will still not let us out of our contract for any less then $200/line.

So, here we are…  I am now creating this as a platform for anyone who can relate.  Giving us an arena to complain, vent, share, or anything else that may make you feel better about the bamboozling being done to us by the almighty and powerful, T-Mobile.