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  1. Jon Reith

    This site is awesome for someone like me! I have Tmobile RIGHT NOW and it is BY FAR THE WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD! I would get out of the contract but they want $200!So either I pay the money for bad service or pay more for none… Where is the logic???

    • Peter

      In my opinion t-mobile sucks d**k and is only comprised for trannys and f****ts.

      ***Edited to soften tone

      • admin

        Peter, while I am not sure that I agree with you… your opinion matters! Thanks for commenting!

        • Kylie

          T-Mobile sucks horribly I agree thats why next month my dad is switching to At&t hopefully

    • TmobH8r

      T-Mobile raped me and my wife and my dog and kanye west.

  2. David Adeuno

    T-Mobile is the most frustrating company of all time! They have screwed me over time and time again and I can do nothing about it cuz I am locked into a damn contract with them. Over a year left! And yes, all of these issues have happened within the first year. I’d sell my soul to be done with this contract and on to Verizon or AT&T.

    P.S. Cool Site! Hope you don’t get into trouble with T-Mobile! They are everything that is evil in the world.

    • B Hale

      AT&T bought out T-Mobile – we might be in luck.

      • admin

        It is going to be a while before that merge is approved. And even longer after it is (if it is) that AT&T will dissolve the T-Mobile name. My guess is close to 2 years from now. I will definitely be done with my prison term (contract) with them by then. So I will never know how it works out. I am not thinking it is going to be the best thing for T-Mobile customers planning on sticking around. The two most complained about cell phone service providers are going to combine to become the world’s largest and most complained about service provider more than likely!

  3. Minerva

    I hate t-mobile they have screwed me so many times. Their idiots…. ( in my opinion)

  4. Pretty Satisfied

    I don’t use my T Mobile phone for making and receiving calls. You see…I found it on the side of the road. Based on some of the horror stories I’ve heard about this company, I imagine it was thrown out the window of a moving car. Once I cleaned it and sized it up, I noticed that it would fit perfectly in my anus. After years of misuse, my anus is now shaped like a womans vagina. I love the sleek shape of my T Mobile phone. The keys never stick…which is all the more important when using a phone in such a way. To sum it up, I want to thank T Mobile for sucking so much that you caused a disgruntled customer to provide me with the worlds best butt plug.

    • admin

      Thanks for your comment Pretty Satisfied! While, I am glad you have found some happiness in your relationship with T-Mobile, I would just like to point out that you should thank the manufacturer of the phone (Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola, Keyocera, etc.) and not T-Mobile. T-Mobile did not make the phone so, you should probably give credit where credit is do. If you bought a great tasting snickers bar and wanted to thank someone for it, you would write Mars, Inc. and not the 7-11 you bought it at. Right?

      • Pretty Satisfied

        I agree with your point about the manufacturer. My new Buttberry is great and the R.I.M (J.O.B) company deserves a standing “O” (rgasim). I do still place a good deal of appreciation with T Mobile. They acted as my personal anus pimp. Their crappy service, which smells as bad as my vibrating rectal heat rectangle just after extraction, made this chance encounter between an honest and hardworking young man and a discarded pleasure machine/best friend happen. Because of them, I don’t have to go a single night with the cold feeling of an unfinished basement. Plus, when my basement is unfinished, I normally wake up with a bit of a sewage backup! Things couldn’t be better for me and none of it would have been possible without T Mobile!!!

  5. EE

    In my opinion.

    I EFFFING HATE, H A T E T-Mobile. Here is why: I bought an HTC HD2 from them last summer. Within just a couple of months, the damned thing DID NOT WORK – the screen did not respond, I was getting multiple green screens of death per day, etc. The damned thing would just restart at any time. It was an EFFING NIGHTMARE. And those of you who have this phone know that it is EXPENSIVE. So, I get on the horn with T-mobile at the first sign of trouble. I am put through TORTURE. I am treated as if I am a stupid disobedient child. FINALLY, after a good month of torturous phone calls, they bitchingly agree to honor the fact THAT I PAID FULL PRICE FOR A BRAND NEW PHONE WITH THE EXPECTATION THAT IT WOULD (egads!), um, WORK. They agreed to send a “new” replacement phone. Guess What??? They sent me a #$$%^^&&**i(( REFURBISHED PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!! Ok, so I call them, they lie, condescend, and obfuscate until I have no more energy and all I can do is fantasize about the thousand ways I could murder the person on the other end. After many more days and hours of phone calls, wherein they further torture me by forcing me to repeat some “troubleshooting” procedure (it is only designed to force customers into submission by wasting their time to death), they begrudgingly agree to send another “new” phone, which is, you guessed it #$$%^^&*)* REFURBISHED AGAIN!!!!!!!! I call them, enraged and beside myself with fury, but it is no use. I am forced into silence and submission because they have all the time in the world to put me off, and I actually have a life I need to live.

    Oh, did I mention the constant dropped calls, by the way?

    Well, well, well, it is many months later, and I have still gotten ZERO satisfaction. The phone doesn’t really work well, and I hate it and T-Mobile. I discover that T-Mobile decided to just erase all of my saved voicemails – without warning me, without telling me, without giving me the option to save them elsewhere – just nothing – GONE.

    So, I try again to get someone on the phone. I tell them that they have erased all of my voicemails. I am treated to some 3-stooges style conversation – apparently the concept of the existence of my voicemails is impossible to grasp. She can’t figure out what I am talking about. UM, how about this, you deleted my fucking voicemails without telling me, is that clear enough??????!!!!!!!! No, it isn’t. I hang up in disgust.

    Yet ANOTHER new problem with my HTC HD2 phone. It no longer vibrates!!!! Just stopped working today!!!! SO, guess what happened?????
    I get on the phone with T-Mobile, and they want to interrogate me, imply that I am lying, and put me through the fucking “troubleshoot” process for the umpteenth time. I give the guy a piece of my mind, and hang up.

    I called back to get a supervisor on the phone. I present the entire series of circumstances to him – – but this time, I form it as a question – – “How would you feel, if…..”. You’ll love the response. Here is what this m-effing liar said, “Well, I’d feel that I was honoring the warrantee” Oh, Really???? Hey MutherF**ker, do you lie to your family like that? Lying Cheating Pathetic Creep. T-Mobile is a consortium of thieves, liars, cheaters, scumbags, and a**holes.

    ***Edited to soften tone

  6. F**ked-over NO more

    Well, I just got off then goddamn phone (land line) with T (transgendered f**ktard) Mobile and I am fuming! I’m a customer of almost 8 years, and today I was treated like garbage. Here’s the backstory: Aug of ’09 I got a new Blackberry 8900 w/ a two year contract. June of ’10 it stopped working. After jumping through hoops for a month, they finally honored the one year warranty and sent me a replacement phone. Well, this replacement phone stopped working 2 days ago. CS told me that my replacement phone only came with a 90 day warranty and my warranty has expired like five months ago. I was never told this and I asked where I could find this in the contract or the paperwork I signed for the replacement phone. I was told that that is standard policy and basically all I can do is get another phone. I told them that was fraud then this POS got all upity with me. Well, I will get a new phone from another provider and cancell my mobile, mobile broad band, and home account and NOT pay a dime for ETE. The only way they will ever see money from me is if I leave them something in my will. No matter how many collections agencies they send after me and no matter if they waste money taking me to court, ultimately they still wont get paid because all my earnings are in cash. No record, no papertrail, no place to garnish me from. With all the accounts in my name, they cant go after anyone in my household. Way to go Tmo, you let your company’s image and your accolades be toppled by a mob of sorry assed, uneducated, bottom-barrel grunts that you put up to be the TRUE face and voice of your company. You really shot your-self in the foot on this one.

    ***Edited to soften tone

    • EE

      I applaud you, FONM, you have managed to figure out a way to get them where it hurts – at least a little. All that I could do was rage at them on the phone, which they forget instantly.

  7. Gladys Vigil

    My son paid $500.00 for a Dell Streak 7 no contract. They told him when he bought it that he could get an unlock code so that when he goes to Germany and Kosovo he could purchase a data sim there. Well guess what they LIED OF COURSE. THey refuse to give him an unlock code after a sales rep from a T-mobile store where he went in to purchase this told him he could get one before he purchased it. WHAT A BIG RIP OFF AND SCAM ARTIST TMOBILE HAS BECOME TO STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WISH THEM THE WORST AND PRAY THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • admin

      Sorry to hear that Gladys. Maybe “Unlocking” the phone is still possible without them giving him the code. Unlocking a phone is completely legal as long as you are not under contract with a company and do not plan to break the terms of your contract. But if your son has no contract, you should be in the clear. In fact, it may be against the law for them not to provide him with the code, as he fully owns the hardware since he bought it out right with no contract. But either way, there are ways around them not giving it to you. There are companies that will sell you the codes, and ways to do the procedure yourself.

      Try the following ones first as they are FREE;

      This site is pretty basic and does exactly what it says on the tin – offers you free unlocking codes for mobile phones. It started out small and hasn’t really grown much. However, it does offer a good unlocking service if you own a Nokia; which are the easiest to unlock online by the way.

      The homepage will welcome you and ask for the model number of your phone. Enter this into the box and click “˜find‘. For those of you who know diddly squat about cell phones the model number is that code that follows the name – for example; Nokia 6300.

      You will then be brought to the window seen in the screenshot. In the appropriate boxes, enter in your IMEI number, phone model, country and service provider. You can get the IMEI number of your handset by typing *#06# on the home screen as though you were dialing a phone number or you can look under the battery for a fifteen digit number.

      Click “˜Generate‘ once you have all the information entered in correctly. The program will then churn out seven different free unlocking codes for your mobile phone.

      When you have the foreign SIM card in your phone you will be asked to put in one of these codes. Use the first one. Over half of the people have success on the first code. If it doesn’t work, use the last one. Around 80% of people would have their phone unlocked by now. If yours hasn’t, use two more and it should be unlocked.

      Don’t enter in any more than four however as this will disable your phone meaning you will have to make an embarrassing call to customer service to re-enable it. This service works for over 90% of the users who try to unlock their phone with it.

      Don’t judge this site by its domain. Yes, the first thing that jumps to mind is that is only unlocks Nokia phones (which it can), but it can also unlock several other brands.

      It has its own software which is available for download right here (This is the best place to download it). This software is as easy to use as the sites above but it covers more brands. If the above have failed then download this unlocking software and get to work.

      After you have downloaded and installed the software as usual open it up from under “˜All Programs‘ in the Start menu. When it starts up you will see the window in the screenshot. It will ask you for all the usual information such as the IMEI number, your phone model and make, country and the original service provider.

      Once you put in the basics, the rest of the information will fill itself out or should be left as “˜Default’. Click “˜Calculate‘.

      If they do not work. You can then try others such as these;

      Hope this may work for you! Good luck to you and your son! I know what you are going through!!! Be sure to tell your friends about our site so that they can share in our hatred for t-mobile. Thanks!

  8. Pearl

    Had tmobile 3 years ago, a month left on my contract.. changed services and they charged me $300 cancellation fee! Will never go back to Tmobile again!!!

  9. B Hale

    I had T-Mobile since they were Voice Stream and I had a pre-paid phone in 2001. Everything was alright until 3 years ago when I bought a gravity. First the battery would not stay charged, then the dropped calls started – EVERYWHERE. They made me add internet service – which did not help, 2 years ago I dropped it into a cup of iced tea (by accident – and it stopped working, it was out of warranty and I had to buy a new phone) I bought the 2009 sidekick and now they send out an email saying after May they will no longer be supporting the data system for the internet – to back everything up because I could lose it all… BUT they won’t give me a phone to replace the one that will be obsolete. NEW customers can get these 4G phones for 50$, not existing customers who’ve been with them thru mergers. I’m tempted to stay with them to see what the AT&T buy-out will bring, but I don’t want to have to pay for a new phone yet again. It’s not my fault the phone will be obsolete after a year and a half (and may not work at all I’m told) WTG to show your appreciation for customers who’ve been with you over a decade. I don’t know who’s more stupid – me for sticking with them… or them

  10. Edie

    I’ve been a Tmobile customer for over 7 years. A family plan with 4 lines. 2 of my lines have data plans. This month’s bill was higher than usual and it’s because they charged data plans on all 4 lines. When I called Tmobile and once I was done babbling into the automated system (which I hate with a passion) I finally got a live person. I informed her that I never requested data plans on those 2 lines and she said it was because I did not call before the 30 day free trial period was up. I informed her that I was pushed into that when I had called earlier to get some help on my phone and the rep said I wouldn’t have to do anything cause that it would be canceled automatically. The rep informed me that this was not true. She only offered to refund me for one line because the other one had a little activity even though I doubt it was used. I asked to speak to a supervisor. At this point I was told that if I wished to speak to a supervisor that I would not get any reimbursement whatsoever. When I asked the rep if she was threatening me, she denied it. I told her it sounded like a threat and again, she denied it. Seems like they no longer care since they may not have jobs because of AT&T’s buyout but that’s not my problem. As soon as my contract is up, I’m gone. Thank you Tmobile for proving to me that being loyal isn’t worth anything.

  11. Disgruntled Customer

    I just had to wait for 1 hour and 23 minutes for a T-Mobile representative. The only reason I ever got a hold of someone was because I eventually got smart, hung up, and called back to the new service (add a line) department. Figuring that if they thought they were going to be getting more money out of me, they would answer immediately. They picked up in under a minute. I hate this f**king company!!!

  12. Pa55word

    I lost my cheap cell phone the other night. I had a month-to-month plan for a phone I hardly ever use — just for emergencies, etc. T-mobile already knows that I do not want text messages as I told them to turn off incoming text messaging. Called them about losing the phone and to suspend the service, which they did. Meanwhile, I tried to access my account to pay the bill. Password didn’t work. Clicked “forgot my password.” Got a message saying the password was TEXTED TO THE [ALREADY REPORTED LOST] PHONE. Called T-m again – found out they CAN’T send my password to my email address for some [unexplained] security reason. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? Text my password to a phone that has been reported lost but refuse to send to the email address they have on file?

    I closed the account and went with AT&T. Put $100 down for 1,000 minutes that won’t expire for a year. No contract, no nothing. Got a simple phone for $20. Already I get bars in places I got no signal before.

    I think losing that phone was a blessing in disguise.

  13. SAGE


    ***Edited to soften tone

  14. todd

    in my opinion T mobile is horrible , i get the worst service , its unbelievable. i cant count on it at all. they are in breech of contract by not providing adequate service but they want me to pay a cancellation fee. so im stuck paying for crappy service or paying for nothing. please any one thinking of getting tmobile do not do it .

  15. Thievery Corporation

    Ugh.. Just got off the phone with tmo.

    1. They are charging me for international roaming even though I am in the united states. my friend from europe texted me one day (I think a total of 4 texts TOTAL) and my phone bill was instantly $200 higher. This is not an exaggeration. 4 texts= $200. And they hit me with intl roaming for someone texting me and not the other way around, even though I am in my home city. I somewhat understand being charged, I just don’t understand how one text equates to roughly $50. It reminds me of Bank of America’s banking policies… and BOA was successfully sued in a class action.
    2. This is not the first time. Prior to going on vacation abroad, I checked to make sure and get all the price figures for usage in europe. I signed up for an unlimited text plan in europe. In the United Kingdom they charged me like $2.00 a text message. I guess in their nimble brains UK doesnt count as Europe. They did not mention this, and I tried to ask as many questions as possible.. such as.. are there hidden fees? Any countries off limits etc.. but they didn’t mention this bit about the UK not counting as Europe. (News to the world there, Tmobile)
    3. They are charging my mother $20 addtl to use her phone every month. She was told she was eligible for a free upgrade so she took it. No one in the store mentioned anything about paying $20 a month (apparently a payment plan for the phone) because they are a greedy salesperson with no consequences for being dishonest or manipulative.
    4. A few years ago I was given a defective phone. It would NOT hang up with people. I had to take the battery out and everything and it still wouldn’t turn off. I mailed it to tmobile corporate as instructed. No one ever got back to me. I called. No one knew anything about it.
    5. I turned my phone off for three months while unemployed. They charged me $400 to deactivate it and another $400 to reactivate it, even after being a long time customer, and after I called to instruct them that I was turning it off until I found decent employment.

    and Finally, the most important bit
    6. My father works for the military but they have no plans for military members on a family plan who are TDY or anything. They charge roaming every opportunity they get. My dad doesnt even call anymore its way too expensive with tmobile. Any chance they can get to sneak in an additional fee they will. Evil company. They spend so much on marketing because their product is lackluster. Word of mouth marketing won’t work for tmobile, that’s for sure.

    I look forward to the day I can switch to another cell phone company.

    • admin

      That is a horrible list! But none of it surprises me! Ridiculous right? My suggestion would be to file a complaint with the BBB. We should all be doing that. It takes just a few minutes, and forces them to deal with the situation. Hope it helps!

  16. dissatisfied_444

    I’ve been a faithful customer of T-Mobile for six years and our contract is up in August of 2013. Lately the customer service has been very poor and they’ve been very unaccommodating . I’ve called numerous times and have spoken with numerous people and it’s been a very unprofessional experience. The customer service reps and managers have been very rude. My nieces phone has been dropping calls, battery life is poor, etc. and I decided to take the time to read reviews on the phone. It turns out that the phone has been poorly reviewed by numerous people. All have had the same issues.

    On 9/20/12 I spoke to a few customer service reps asking what some of our options were. They said they could offer a discount for one month but that was it. I told them that that wasn’t good enough that we’ve had major issues with the phone and we’ve also had major issues with customer service not being flexible and providing good service. I told them that because of the repeated issues that I’d like out of the contract without paying the $200 early termination fee. They said that it was not an option at all. So I said that was fine, can you please provide us with an upgraded phone? She then said that we could have the same phone. At that point I said we don’t want the same phone as it’s not a stable and solid phone. That after being a good faithful customer for 6 years, the least they could do, if they didn’t want to terminate the contract was offer a better phone free of charge. They would not budge what so ever. They said that she could upgrade the phone at full price. To me, unacceptable. WHY would we want a phone that we know is faulty? Why should we have to pay for a better phone? I asked to speak with a manager and he gave the same answer. I told them that I was going to contact the BBB and notify all family and friends of the horrible issues that we’ve had with T Mobile. He was very uncaring and said “you can do as you please mam.” I couldn’t believe the lack of respect and the lack of caring and professionalism. At that point I turned very aggressive and said that their behavior along with being inflexible is not acceptable that I want SOMETHING done! I asked to please lower the service to the lowest possible and they said the best they could do was $25 without tax a month. I said fine and let them go because I was so drained at that point. I had been transferred to and talked to so many people and each time had to explain the whole situation over again. Very tiring. After I figured out the cost to continue the term of the contract it came to $275 which cost more than the $200 to cancel. They really tried to get one over on me and I don’t appreciate that. I called back and explained what happened and at this point even more upset I demanded to just be let off of the contract. Even with all that happened they wouldn’t allow it. I then asked for a copy of the contract that I signed six years ago and they said that they don’t have that as they only have actual contracts on file for 3 years. That I’d have to read the terms and conditions online. The terms and conditions online are not the same as the terms and conditions from 6 years ago as I’m certain that things have changed over the years. I said that if they couldn’t provide me a copy of the terms and conditions that I signed six years ago that the contract cannot be considered legally binding. They agreed but still would not let me out of the contract. I then was beyond upset. How can this be fair? They STILL didn’t budge. After they tried to get one over on me and then not able to provide a contract I said fine. I’m going to file a complaint with the BBB and to please put the services back to what they were. They confirmed that they would.

    On 9/21/12 my niece went to use her internet, etc. and the services were disconnected. After all I had been through yesterday they did not restore the original services that I had requested.

    I called again yesterday morning (9/23/12) to advise them of this and explained my frustration once again. Finally got to a manager that I thought was compassionate, FINALLY. This person offered a refurbished upgrade to my niece without having to extend the warranty and that he would even include shipping free of charge. He gave me a few phones to choose from and to take my time and not rush into it. I told him that I’m grateful and that I’d like to take a moment to research the phones and I’ll call back. He mentioned that I could even go to a store and test the phones out. I asked him if everything was noted in there system because when I call back I really hope to not have to explain myself over again. He said that everything was noted and that anyone I spoke to when I called back would be able to assist me. Well, guess what? After doing the research which took me less than an hour and calling back within less than an hour the representative that I spoke with on the phone told me a totally different story. Said that what I was offered is not something T-Mobile can do and the only way she can get a refurbished phone (not even a new one) was to renew the contract. I explained to him that I was offered something totally different to please refer to his notes. He kept saying over and over I’m sorry but this is what we CAN do for you. Nothing offered by the person I spoke with earlier. I asked him to please transfer me to the other person that I spoke with that offered the original offer and he said he couldn’t do that but he could offer me a phone at this price, etc. I said can you at least tell me the name of the person that I spoke with and he did. I then asked again to please transfer me to this gentleman so we can move forward with what I was promised. He said that wasn’t doable and AGAIN offered me another phone at a new price. I kept telling him of the situation. That I was offered a refurbished phone that would be free after mail in rebate and that shipping would be free of charge and no renewal in contract necessary. He again said that’s not possible. I asked since he could not switch me to the person I spoke with and things weren’t noted in the system as they were promised that I would take any manager at that point. He proceeded to tell me that he couldn’t do that. I told him again, this if fine. Once again restore services back to what I asked for last week and I will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau.

    So here I am. An emotionally drained customer of having to explain myself numerous times to people, to finally getting someone who was willing to budge a little to this. It has been a nightmare to say the least. I really at this point, due to the horrible customer service and issues I’ve had is to just be let out of my contract without paying the penalty. Or offered a free NEW phone without having to renew our contract with shipping included. Not a refurbished phone. It’s the LEAST that T-Mobile can do to try and keep a customer. If not, I’d like out of the contract. I’ve read online numerous horror stories about T-Mobile and with the experience that I’ve had lately, I have to agree. It’s the worst I’ve seen. I want what I’ve asked for or I want out of the contract.

    Sorry for the long explanation. Something really needs to be done about this.

    • admin

      That is a horrible story. But one that sounds eerily similar to most people’s on this forum. I highly encourage you to actually file with the BBB. They force T-Mobile to at least look into the situation more and it will be addressed by T-Mobile’s Executive Customer Support Team. Plus, it is a pain in the ass for them to deal with. We need to hammer them with BBB complaints. You should tell them that “ sent you!”. That way they can start seeing the power of a united force of disgruntled customers! Good luck!

    • Jon Doe

      It sounds like you have gone through a lot. The experience and the customer service seems like it was lacking a little when you called in. I do want to explain a couple of things because I am actually a TMO employee and I am in a high up department with TMO. Your device giving you issues, if is still within warrenty you should be able to give you a replacement. I know you dont want the same device, but its not TMO choice because its the manufactuer that sends out the replacement devices. I understand that you wanted a different phone, but to get a brand new device for free without a contract is something that really any company cant do. The reason for that is TMO pays almost full price for the devices, so it cost the company a lot of money to do that. I know you are probably thinking “well they are a massive company they can do this”, but think of all the other people that are asking the same thing out of TMO or are trying to get free phones. When speaking to reps and asking them to get out of a contract with no ETF, is something no rep can do. The reason for that is they do not have the permissions to do so, because it is a legal binding contract and the reps are not lawyers, they cannot make that decision. If you want to dispute your contract than you will want to write in to TMO contract review department. Also, when calling in i recommend asking to speak with an Account Specialist.

  17. margie diaz

    This company is the biggest rippoff since Enron. All I’ve gotten was headaches and rate increases from the beginning. From what I’ve received from your so called plan, the price is not always right! I cannot wait to rid myself of your company and will forever bad mouth you and not recommend you to anyone, until you treat your customers with consideration and respect. You think offerring to waive one months payment justifies another 2 years of abuse? No thanks! I want a company that considers my pocket and needs. Another matter of concern , I’ve gone to your stores to see if SOMEONE could help me with things I couldn’t resolve online and all I got was some BS about not having access to my info?? What kind of service is that?? I was willing to do something about my bill and it was like you were saying, tough luck if you can’t access it online, you’re on your own. I wasn’t born with a keyboard and computer in my hand, nor am I 30 years old. Some help.

  18. Shirlean Williams

    I have been a customer for the past 4 years, and I decided to take advantage of the new buying program to purchase two new phones. I was interested in the iPhone 5 8g and the Samsung Galaxy 4 Relay. My problem was that the Relay was not instantly available online. However, I could see the phone for new customers. So, I decided to call in for assistance on 5/4/13.

    I was on the phone for 2 hours with various representatives and a supervisor! I was switched from the new line sales department to the department which handles upgrades to the financial assistance department and around again! That was ridiculous! No one could figure out why the phone was not available. There was no restriction on the website on within your system stating that this phone was only available to new customers. I was told that if I purchased a new line, then I could receive the phone right away which made absolutely no sense to me. I would end up paying an additional $480 just to have this phone. I was also told by one of your associates that if I really wanted the phone to contact Samsung directly. I thought that that was extremely rude, but it gets worse. I was also informed that a deal was negotiated on my behalf. If I wanted a phone, I was going to have to take the Samsung Blaze which is just like the Relay! After I explained the difference was the qwerty keyboard which I need with my phone. I was told that there was nothing that I could do. I was, then, transferred again to an associate that blatantly told me that I could not have the phone and to choose something else. At that point, I asked to speak with a supervisor.

    The supervisor told me that they were unsure as to why the phone was not available. They informed me that they would create a task on my file and check daily as to when the phone might me available for upgrade customers. I tried to ask if there was a way to transfer the phone to the area needed to provide me the phone which I requested. The supervisor replied that it was impossible, and they would be in touch daily to let me know when and if the phone is available for me to purchase. At date, I have only heard from them once in the two weeks!

    During this time, I was also interested in changing my current plan to the Simple Choice plan to go along with the new phones. They had no problem changing over to the new plan even after I told them that one of my current phones was a Blackberry. This should have been obvious when they looked at the system! However, the change was made thinking that I would have the phone that day! I was also charged the $200 migration fee (formerly the early termination fee) for a phone that I upgraded in January. I was never charged a fee for changing plans before. I guess T-Mobile has to make money somehow! Well, I currently have a new charge, new plan, phone with no internet service, and no new phones!

  19. Jeanette Hates T-Mobile

    I’ve had cell phone service with T-Mobile for half a dozen years, and never had a problem. Then at the end of January, when I moved and needed internet service, I decided to try their service since I was already a customer. I called and subscribed to their 4G wireless mobile hotspot, which I intended to use mainly at home (since I have internet access in other places I go).

    I was supposed to receive the device in one to two business days, and was careful to point out that I needed the device to be sent to my new address (which I hadn’t changed with anyone, since it was supposed to be temporary). So five business days later, a broken device arrived at my old address. I returned it, and ordered another device, which still hadn’t been sent out after another week of waiting. They kept telling me they were going to ship it, and pushing back the expected delivery date, so, desperate for internet, I canceled the phone order and walked into a T-Mobile store and got a wireless hotspot from them.

    I still have that device, and it works pretty well… in places where I don’t live. But at home it has not been able to get me on the internet most of the time, and when I have finally gotten on the internet, the connection was extremely slow and would disconnect repeatedly.

    For two months I tried to get the issue resolved, calling and explaining the troubles I was having over and over again and also visiting a local T-Mobile store, where they replaced the card in the device, but nothing helped. Then finally I got through to the technical support people at T-Mobile, who told me that there is just not a very good signal in this area. One of the guys told me that I could stop calling T-Mobile, because there was nothing they could do until February 2014, when the problem was scheduled to be resolved; he speculated that the precise date meant that T-Mobile probably planned to build a signal tower in this area next year.

    Aside from that there was also another device I didn’t order sent to my old address, then an attempt to bill me for delivery of that, and threats to charge me up to $850 for that when it went missing (I never received it), and on my latest bill, a $74 restocking fee, which I guess means they found the missing device. Then there was the service fee they were supposed to wave, which I had to battle over. Every bill from them has another nasty surprise.

    I wrote to them a few days ago, asking for them to waive the $200 cancellation fee for the two-year contract, since the service does not work in my neighborhood and it is not convenient for me to have to drive a little way from home every time I want a signal. Today I received their response, in the form of a letter stating that there is a map on their website of areas where their service is provided, and my neighborhood is on it, so therefore I am not eligible to have the cancellation fee waived, since supposedly the service is good here. (Never mind that the techies say there is a problem in this area.)

    So I called the company again, barely able to speak because I was so angry, and the first rep I spoke to was able to waive the restocking fee for the device I had neither ordered nor received (but had fought charges on three different times), and then passed me on to someone else who said she could not waive the $200 cancellation fee, but could bundle the service together with my phone, so that the charge would be just for my phone for 6 months, and then would just be $10 more than if I just had the phone for the rest of the length of my 2-year contract, or until I cancelled and paid the $200 fee.

    I took that deal because it was less horrible than paying the $200, but it’s still crap. Like other T-Mobile reps I talked to over the last few months, the one today told me that I wanted out because of “buyer’s remorse.” I have repeatedly explained to them that buyer’s remorse is when you find a better price or decide you don’t like the color, etc.; it’s not when you want to cancel because the damned service does not work as it’s supposed to. I told her that T-Mobile should be able to send someone to my house to test the device, and verify that it does not work properly here. She said she wished she could do that, but couldn’t. I don’t know why, because there are two T-Mobile stores a very short distance from where I live.

    I feel that an honest company would not only let me out of my contract, but would also refund me the money I’ve spent on the service for the last three billing cycles, not charge me for internet for the current billing cycle, and apologize profusely for the many hours I have spent giving them ample opportunity to resolve the issues with my service, as well as my frustration. I also feel that an honest company would have offered this to me by now, rather than making me pursue a just resolution myself.

    As of yesterday, I am on the internet thanks to CenturyLink. So far I am in awe of the speed and reliability of their DSL internet service. It would not have been possible for me to post this using my T-Mobile device, because it would not have allowed internet access for this length of time. I am hoping I can sublet the T-Mobile service to someone who has a good signal in their area (but doesn’t want to sign a contract with T-Mobile), in order to recoup some of the expenses of the device.

    In my opinion it is a good idea to avoid signing any contract with T-Mobile.

  20. Jason

    So I was recently sent a seperate bill in addition to my usual statement. After calling in I was told its a prorated charge for applying my corprate discount. That was irritating enough, then they went ahead and withdrew the charge from my bank account. When I noticed it had been taken from my account I called back. I was told it was withdrawn with autopay. “But I NEVER signed up for autopay” I said. “Where in your notes did I authorize this payment” I asked, “Thats wierd there is nothing in here that says you signed up for autopay, I can offer you a refund”. Why the hell would I want a refund for a charge they still are going to have me pay. What I want to know at this point is can I use this to get out of my contract? The way I see it, they stole that money from me, and then didn’t bother and reconciliation other than, opps- well give it back. Any input on if this can allow me to end this torment?

    • Jeanette

      I don’t think you can get out of your contract no matter what. (See my story above yours.) But maybe if we start writing to the Attorney General, and to the Public Utility Commission? The contracts we had to sign with them prevent us from suing, so unless the regulatory agencies are up to doing something about this company, I think we’re all screwed.

  21. Dana

    We have been T-Mobile customers for nearly a decade. The early years were fine, but our account has morphed in a huge ball and chain. We have been slaves to TMO for the past five years as our account grew from one work cell to two data phones, three dumb phones, and a hotspot for travel, all on different contract schedules. Several years ago we decided to stop upgrading phones and buy used phones from Craigslist in an effort to break free. We came close to escaping the Summer of 2012. But then stupidly added the two data phones in August 2012, one for my son’s high school graduation gift, the other for my work phone. We were hoping to make it until everyone’s phone was out of contract in August 2014. But the older dumb phones were starting to fall apart (literally) and my son had terrible reception at college with drops five to ten times in the course of a 30 minute conversation. This fall I decided something had to be done. I called TMO and was told only the two August 2012 phones were under contract and our cost to move service would be $100 for each of those two phones. I called TMO again to be sure and got the same story. I decided to go with another carrier and eat the $200 in ETF. We love our new phones and the reception is great with ATT. All was well. Then yesterday I received a bill for $1200 from T-Mobile. Our bill typically runs $245-275. T-Mobile had charged us $800 in termination fees which made taxes and fees nearly another $200. And that doesn’t include the fifth phone activated until just after the billing period! I hit the roof! My husband hasn’t had a new phone in over seven years and was using the last working Razor flip phone. The other two dumb phones were more than four and more than two years old. All firmly out of contract. Yet each line was billed $200. I spent two hours last night on the phone working my way up as high as possible in the customer service organization but no one could do anything – not even email me a copy of the contract to prove I owed the ETFs. I’m not sure how they train their representatives, but they are hateful. Though I do admit I wasn’t at my sweetest either. I was told a supervisor would call me today, but it is nearly 1 pm and no call yet. I hung up, vented to my husband, and had a rum and coke to calm my nerves. Then I called back and lo and behold, I got the one pleasant and competent TMO customer service representative who told me how to file a dispute with Customer Relations. I faxed my dispute letter this morning. Nothing on that yet either, though I asked for acknowledgement of receipt. I’ve been doing some web browsing this morning and have noticed more than one person complaining about getting slapped with the $200 fee on all phones whether newly upgraded or not when exiting a family plan. My guess it that this is normal protocol to see if some dumb sap will pay without question and/or because someone is too lazy to do the leg work required to check each line for contract expiration date. I didn’t like T-Mobile before, but I can now say I too hate T-Mobile. FREEEEEEEEEDOM! I am so glad to be free from slavery to my T-Mobile contract! It’s almost worth $1,200….Naw, we’re going to fight. We’re prepared to get a lawyer if negotiations with Customer Relations fail. I’ll repost once the dust settles in hopes my experience is helpful to someone else.

    • admin

      Hi, glad to hear that you will be doing something about it an not just letting them get away with it. That is why they are able to bully people, because I would guess a small fraction of them fight it. If no one allowed it, things would change!

      I would suggest starting with the Better Business Bureau ( And then the Attorney General (Lisa Madigan’s office) as both will require t-mobile executive level customer service reps to contact you regarding the complaint. You can also email the president of t-mobile directly, as I have been hearing that that has been giving some people some success. His direct email is; The worst thing you could do is nothing at all. Make your voice heard! Good luck!

  22. Dana

    Your advise was excellent! I sent my complaint to the John Legere email address at 9 am. By 2 pm the same day, a T-Mobile staff person orders of magnitude more competent and pleasant than anyone I’d spoken to previously called and reduced the ETFs to the $200 I expected.

    I had already filed claims with the BBB, FCC, and my state attorney general’s office. This afternoon (2 working days after I filed) I received a message from the BBB that T-Mobile has been contacted about my complaint. I posted updates on each site letting each agency know that T-Mobile settled my dispute satisfactorially. I also suggested in each closing comment that T-Mobile: (1)empower Customer Service Supervisors to make decisions on these types of matters, (2) train staff to believe the customer and treat them with respect rather arguing with them and assuming they are trying to cheat, and (3) train Customer Relations staff to completely review a customer’s account rather than automatically responding with the company line. Had Customer Relations reviewed the equipment purchase dates and taped messages I mentioned in every written and verbal discussion with T-Mobile, my case could have been settled quickly without all the filed complaints against the T-Mobile and 6-8 hours of my time over two evenings and a half day of vacation one morning would have been saved.

  23. Whitney

    Rant in progress:
    Friends, I was a T-Mobile customer for 11 years (I know, right?)
    I called to cancel my account in September 2013, and was told that the account would be closed.
    They continued to charge me.
    They now say that I needed to call back TWICE in order to cancel the account. (SMH)
    They refuse to cancel the charges.
    Now, if you are a T-mobile customer and love it, by all means stick with ’em.
    HOWEVER, if you are a T-mobile customer and stay with them because its easier than looking for another provider, I’m asking you to consider leaving their business and choose one that has honest and transparent business practices.

  24. Leo

    I have been a family plan customer with tmobile for over 10 years. We have one line that hasn’t ( so I thought ) been on contract since we haven’t upgraded the phone on that line ever. My two year contract was up this past December ( so I thought ) on my line. My wife and daughter’s line contract ends this year in December since it was originated in December 2012.
    I was think of taking my line to a prepaid and testing perhaps several carriers since tmobile really doesn’t work in my house and in local businesses very well . We’ve lived with this inconvience for too many years.
    When I called tmobile today to tell them I was thinking of porting my number ( my real intention was to see if they would give me an unlock code for my Amaze) I was told there was a $200 ETF for ALL my lines. . Tmobile said this was because we upgraded my wife and daughter’s phones last year . I have in the past checked my lines to find out when the exact contract dates ended and they all had different ending dates as they should have according to each lines new phone upgrade.
    This new ” all lines have extended contracts whether or not you upgrade your phone ” is something I did not and would not have agreed. After several hours on the phone with various reps they said they would split my ETF in half and only charge a $100. I did not agree to this. My case has been turned over to a supervisor and they are supposed to review my recorded agreement to see if I agreed to extended contracts on the lines that did not receive an upgrade. I bet that I do not hear from them.
    I am very disappointed with this new money grubbing tactic from a company that I actually liked ( other than the home reception issues).

  25. dave

    T mobile is the Worst sucking plan I’ve ever thought about. Tried it today no wonder it’s affordable because it is shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Free internet? That’s because you get none. .shit. that’s all it is.

  26. Alicea

    I attempted to make an online purchase on Sunday, May 18, 2014. It was for 110.25 from T-Mobile for a phone and charger for hubbies birthday. Although I received an error message on order#_______666(should have known trouble was coming), my account was showing a pending transaction. I assumed it was a hold that would release since the order was not processed. Yet, I see that it actually was debited from my account. I contacted T-Mobile about the order and their response was to contact my bank because the order was not processed/showed cancelled due to system error. What do I need to do next? Is there something that can be done? I contacted the bank on Friday, May 23, after T-Mobile’s representatives said there was nothing they could do. The bank had to fix it. I explained that makes no sense to me as the bank didn’t initiate the charge and doesn’t have the money. Who needs to be contacted? What department handles this? What do I provide in the way of proof to show the error? No one could tell me anything except “you aren’t charged until it ships…” Because the order was cancelled or wasn’t depending on which rep I had, you weren’t charged. WTF?!! I spoke with various departments receiving various answers: the order is cancelled, can’t be found, wasn’t cancelled, was cancelled, wasn’t charged….Basically, IN MY OPINION, T-Mobile is a thieving lying organization that relies on multiple departments to transfer a person into hell until they relent, not wanting to waste more time/money/effort.
    You get what you pay for….NO…that is the problem. I didn’t and T-Mobile didn’t care as far as I could tell. I finally got one rep who seemed to have some information and actually answered questions. Let’s see where this goes.

  27. Philip

    Why are they, and many other companies, getting away with dropping email contact? This is obviously because they want to weed out complainers who can’t stand being put on hold and bounced around voice mail systems. Email is TOO efficient!

    Why do they do it? Because the government has allowed big corporations monopolies and collusion among competitors.

  28. Tmobilesucks

    T-Mobile is trying to punish those who get out from under their miserable service. I purchased a telephone from T-mobile in December of 2013. I paid full price for the telephone because I opted to be on a pre-paid plan with no contract. I have used the telephone up until the 24th of July 2014. I refilled my account for $50 every 28th of month including July 2014 when I switched to a different carrier AT&T. During the switching process on 7/24/2014 I found out my telephone was locked and would require an unlock code from T-Mobile. I called T-Mobile to request an unlock code. They told me it will take 24 hours to get an unlock code, however sometimes it takes longer, I understood and proceeded with the switch to AT&T as soon as I hung up. The following day 7/25/14. I recieved an e-mail from T-Mobile denying my unlock request.In the e-mail they listed four reasons why a request could be denyed but did not specify why my request was denied. I called T-Mobile again trying to understand why my unlock was denied, the operator told I met all conditions and he did not understand why either, so he put in anther unlock request on my behalf. Today, 7/26/14, I received another denial from T-Mobile an exact e-mail I received yesterday with no specific reason why my unlock request was denied. I called T-Mobile again but to no avail. The operator said I was denied because I switched carries before I received the unlock code, and I should have waited 72 hours after the request the switched carriers. No one ever told me that either when I purchased the phone or when I called the first time to request an unlock code. I was told that this is a no obligation no contract this is why I paid full price for my phone. Never was told this telephone is locked and cannot be switched to another carrier. I believe what they are doing is illegal and immoral.

    • Mr. Burns

      Fear not my friend…my ex fiance that was on my plan…I purchased a iPhone 6s rosegold, the kicker you ask? I released said phone when we split. She never took ownership and switched to verizon…they never locked her phone but stuck me with the full remaining price of the phone. 800 plus dollar phone bill…

  29. Bill Chadwick

    They should also train their overseas customer service reps to communicate better in English, and to write down the information you give them so you don’t have to repeat it over and over again.

  30. Bj

    I had their month to month $50 plan. Their Automatic payments did not work so almost every month I had to pay manually and check to see if they double charged me or not. It was a frustrating experience to say the least. Then when I cancelled the account on the same day their automatic payments that wasn’t working started to work again and they charged me another $50. When I called to get a refund for charges of future cell phone service plan they denied giving me any refund saying that it’s their policy. They don’t care how customers are treated and they basically stole away the money that was meant for my baby’s living expense. Shame on them! We should boycott them for this kind of abusive, monopolistic policies and behaviors that they have adapted. Please make complaints to the CPUC to stop this kind of abuses against the people.

  31. bob

    Tmobile … Horrible.. horrible support.. pay the extra five bucks and go with anyone else.

  32. Sam Mohamed

    To everyone who has been negatively affected by T-Mobile and the operators of this site: you have done a very good job here. I want to urge everyone here to please visit Simply writing to their CEO is not enough. There needs to be public accountability. #maketmobileaccountable

  33. Mr. Burns

    So I have been a Tmobile customer for the better part of a year. My experience has been the honest equivalent to pulling every single tooth a human has with pliers and no sedative. Everything from added lines I did not add to phones I never bought has been added to my bill. Up charges for things I never purchased. Customer service is beyond a joke and the equivalent to talking to people that are only there for a paycheck and do not care about solving the problem. In all my years I have never been lied to, stole from and continuously let down by a company like this. The most frustrating thing of all is the massive amount of time I have had to continously invest to make things right on my end with “customer service” over 25 phone calls and constant attention to my bill. I am supposed to be paying for an unlimited plane that is 70 bucks a month and after tax is just over 100. Yet, I am and have been shelling out 150 plus. It truly amazes me the scripts they read to us and the lies they weave to “assure” us that we have been “taken care of” and yet the problems never get resolved. So as my final message this is my middle finger to TMobile…the rapist of all providers. Thank you for having a site to vent frustrations.

  34. Pawpaw michigan

    I thought sprint was bad, but i wish i had sprint back.. how do you buy all their towers and have absolute garbage service.. the service area actually got smaller, how is this possible. 80% of phone calls are garbled cant understand the person or they cant understand me. VoiceM come late. As do texts. Ive lost considerable time and probably a couple jobs because of this bs. Its Time to switch! And not to the tmob carrier.

  35. Christine Sierra

    I just switched to T-Mobile last month from Sprint.
    The majority of the time I can not call out anywhere local or long distance nor am I receiving calls.
    I had better service with Sprint and am well aware TMobile is in place now. The moment we changed over my service went downhill.
    Oh yes We’ve talked to representatives and now one can fix it. Franklins nor boosters.
    Of course when they are to call me, they can’t reach me.
    Time to change my service.
    I’m paying for receiving no service now.
    I am extremely frustrated, I have an elderly mother and I’m no spring chicken. I can’t call the hospital, doctors etc. and I am
    very upset.

  36. Jerry

    For 5 weeks now my cell reception has been bad. The towers are apparently undergoing “maintenance”. When I called about this they sent me a hotspot to boost the cell signal which requires thst I already have wifi set up in my apt which I DON’T. Idiot in customer service DIDN ‘T check to make sure I had wifi at home before sending me this hotspot! I’m switching to ATT!


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