Here we will show you a clear chart displaying T-Mobile versus the other carriers regarding network ratings.  It becomes very clear that (in my opinion) T-Mobile is lying when they say that they have the “best, strongest, fastest network”.  Clearly this is not the case.  Their network is not as good as Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, and they are getting smoked by Consumer Cellular (who I’ve never even heard of).  Ting (WTH???) is right behind them as well!  Hahahaha.

This is simply an effort to share your alternatives choices and help you see the light.  🙂

Phone_Provider_Coverage_ComparisonThis information was taken from the following site.

When we originally created this site, this was the current comparison. Click here to see how they sucked then.

Comparison Chart for the Different Cell Phone Providers

Notice how T-Mobile is the worst of the top 4 carriers in almost every way.