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Use this page to share any horror stories you may have had with T-Mobile, that you would like to share with the world.  We recommend that you state your opinion of T-Mobile in the “In my opinion…” format so that your remark is not considered “Slander” or “Libel”.


  1. EE

    I EFFFING HATE, H A T E T-Mobile. Here is why: I bought an HTC HD2 from them last summer. Within just a couple of months, the damned thing DID NOT WORK – the screen did not respond, I was getting multiple green screens of death per day, etc. The damned thing would just restart at any time. It was an EFFING NIGHTMARE. And those of you who have this phone know that it is EXPENSIVE. So, I get on the horn with T-mobile at the first sign of trouble. I am put through TORTURE. I am treated as if I am a stupid disobedient child. FINALLY, after a good month of torturous phone calls, they bitchingly agree to honor the fact THAT I PAID FULL PRICE FOR A BRAND NEW PHONE WITH THE EXPECTATION THAT IT WOULD (egads!), um, WORK. They agreed to send a “new” replacement phone. Guess What??? They sent me a #$$%^^&&**i(( REFURBISHED PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!! Ok, so I call them, they lie, condescend, and obfuscate until I have no more energy and all I can do is fantasize about the thousand ways I could murder the person on the other end. After many more days and hours of phone calls, wherein they further torture me by forcing me to repeat some “troubleshooting” procedure (it is only designed to force customers into submission by wasting their time to death), they begrudgingly agree to send another “new” phone, which is, you guessed it #$$%^^&*)* REFURBISHED AGAIN!!!!!!!! I call them, enraged and beside myself with fury, but it is no use. I am forced into silence and submission because they have all the time in the world to put me off, and I actually have a life I need to live.

    Oh, did I mention the constant dropped calls, by the way?

    Well, well, well, it is many months later, and I have still gotten ZERO satisfaction. The phone doesn’t really work well, and I hate it and T-Mobile. I discover that T-Mobile decided to just erase all of my saved voicemails – without warning me, without telling me, without giving me the option to save them elsewhere – just nothing – GONE.

    So, I try again to get someone on the phone. I tell them that they have erased all of my voicemails. I am treated to some 3-stooges style conversation – apparently the concept of the existence of my voicemails is impossible to grasp. She can’t figure out what I am talking about. UM, how about this, you deleted my fucking voicemails without telling me, is that clear enough??????!!!!!!!! No, it isn’t. I hang up in disgust.

    Yet ANOTHER new problem with my HTC HD2 phone. It no longer vibrates!!!! Just stopped working today!!!! SO, guess what happened?????
    I get on the phone with T-Mobile, and they want to interrogate me, imply that I am lying, and put me through the fucking “troubleshoot” process for the umpteenth time. I give the guy a piece of my mind, and hang up.

    I called back to get a supervisor on the phone. I present the entire series of circumstances to him – – but this time, I form it as a question – – “How would you feel, if…..”. You’ll love the response. Here is what this m-effing liar said, “Well, I’d feel that I was honoring the warrantee” Oh, Really???? Hey MutherF**ker, do you lie to your family like that? Lying Cheating Pathetic Creep. T-Mobile is a consortium of thieves, liars, cheaters, scumbags, and a**holes.

    ***Edited to soften tone

    • margie

      Edited to soften the tone!come on I read it and could not stop laughing

    • misty gandee

      Sounds familiar, at t mobile in stonestown, i wanted a working phone, i was asked if i could afford phone plust the highest plan offered, i said yes, i van afford $300.00 shoes too, not buying any though. So i asked about plans, i liked a phone, so he excused himself to get me phone. I never heard about other plans, i waited for him to start talking, while he enterd my info in comp. Finally i asked since he seemed to have forgotten i was standing there, he said i had the most expensive plan, oh? So all that clacking in the keyboard was ripping me off, while i stood theren unaware, i went back, after i fou d out my phone eas all kacked up with crsp he put on it, i asked for instructions to wipe it. Was told to come nack to store, bc its so confusing, i waa treated like an imbicile, asked to return iy 3 times, as i dont like the company any longer, was thrown out of store. Phone still doest work right. No vida rebate card, no free rhapsody, just a bunch of thugs in matching polos.

  2. Artie


  3. Alyssa

    T-mobile thinks we owe them 1,000 for TWO PHONES and their paperwork makes absolutely no sense where these charges are coming from. They “changed” our plan without telling us and we didn’t know a thing about it!!! They are sammers! Dishonest rude uneducated scammers! I want them to go out of buisness!!!

  4. Barbara Hunter

    I decided to change to Tmobile for some insane reason. After one week I decided they were not for me. They sent me two refurbished phones and I sent them back immediately after realizing I didn’t want to stay with them. I just got a bill for $782.
    for breaking a one week contract. Really? I have called over and over again and am getting no where fast. I never ever get an English speaking representative. I do not owe this kind of money. I was told they have a 30 day “buyer’s remorse” clause, so that would indicate to me I fell into that area of the clause. I’m just totally furish!!!!!
    I loath T-Mobile with a deep passion.

  5. Andrew Barnes

    Your experience is almost identical to mine.

    Just laid on my desk, one minute the Galaxy S2 the next minute it died. All the clever (and very boring) advice on how to cold boot re-boot re-build factory reset etc, was redundant because the phone never even showed an LED when charging.

    I am disabled and have MS my nearest T-Mobile shop is 35 miles away. I dare not drive without a phone in case I fall or need help with my car. So …..and this is interesting, T-Mobile employs a system which discriminates against the disabled.

    If I was able to return my handset to a shop I was told by a “velly solly fellet” in the Philippines; the shop we “lend” me a hand set whilst mine was being repaired. BUT “I” had to hand the handset over, which I couldn’t do as I was trapped indoors.

    SO the great black plastic bag farce ensues….

    my phone died 6th September….
    first bag dispatched according to “velly solly fellet number 2” on 6th in the afternoon.
    On the 11th I inquired where the bag was and a “new one was sent by “velly solly fellet number 3”
    On the 13th September two sets of black bags arrived together. I returned the handset that day via my local post-office.
    On the 17th September the 3rd party repair group (not T-Mobile) received the phone.
    On the 18th they declared the phone broken.
    5 days later on the 23rd they declared the repair cancelled.
    On the 23rd September “velly solly fellet” number 4 declares phone will be returned to me (broken) but they can’t replace the handset even though it was still under warranty, it would arrive by the 25th September.


    I am still paying a monthly contract, I have no phone and therefore no way of using the system T-Mobile is charging me for, because the phone T-Mobile supplied is BROKEN.

    In over 40 years of buying things I have NEVER come across such a anti-customer company. Mobile phone companies are truly unique at being unpleasant to customers who have never done anything but pay their bills on time.

    Orange T-Mobile and now EE seem to have become just EE.

    They recently had a survey to see what the EE shop should be called.

    My answer (which I doubt will win) is EXTRA EXCREMENT.

  6. Christian Dahl

    I’m not a T-Mobile Customer… I Gladly live in an area where T-Mobile is not supported… But here is my story about their terrible customer service: So I go to visit my sister and my brother in law and my old phone got very unresponsive and it was just an old phone. So my brother in law notes he has an extra android phone sitting somewhere in his house he warns me that it is manufactured for, yes, T-Mobile… So thus the phone requires a SIM ME code to be able to use my phone service, so we look up how to get this and we see some groups that for a bit of money get the unlock code for us… So instead I call my provider AT&T thinking they can do it. Their customer service was great and simply told me that i need to contact T-Mobile about it. So in the same morning I call up T-Mobile hoping that their customer service is not nearly as bad as my brother in law said about their company as a whole… So they have a simple keypad entry for what part of customer service I want to go to. So I eventually get on the phone with a “Representative”(More like annoying idiot) and they spend 45 minutes to explain to me the things I already know when I had already told them that I know the process and I have the certain information ready. So I give him the required information and my email. The guy says, “you’ll get the email with the instructions and code in 24-72 Hours”. So I wait 3 days and my brother notes that maybe they meant after 4th of July weekend so they probably shut of their computers. So I Patiently wait 3 more days and all i get from t mobile is spamvertisements (Spam Ads) In my main inbox for some reason. So I call them up again and i go through the same process but from home but, this time they are now required to get “permission” from the T-Mobile Customer who had the phone (Note for later he cancelled the line on this phone earlier in the story) I said well he is at work and you cant call him right now. So the guy is like okay whats his number because that is all we need so believing this lie i give him my brothers number just so they have access to the account or something but they call him RIGHT THERE while i’m on and he doesn’t answer so i hang up. So finally I schedule with my brother in law to call t mobile and them call him during his lunch break. so we call t mobile and now instead of the keypad thing they do this stupid voice recognition bull crap with four options that all have to do with buying their service… I try a different number but its the same the whole time… So i hit 0 and i get on with this guy who says he now requires of me SERVICE for this phone.. I try to explain to him that would be the second time in the span of a month that their company has changed their policy on this and he still says, “well we need you to be a t-mobile customer to have access to this information if you want we can for 2 dollars give you 2 day service and a sim card and we can fix this” I reply with, “I cant get service up here where i live from t-mobile so i cant do that” My sister insists she talk to them and she talks to them and so she just offers to pay for it and get this over with. He says,”okay that will be 12 dollars””But i thought you said it was 2 dollars””Yeah well uhh we actually need an additional 12 dollars for the sim card” at this point my sister was furious and she explains that we have called multiple times and we’ve had to jump through all these hoops but i guess he tried to come back with the stupid 12 dollars thing and she hangs up on him… I’m glad nobody in my state has to suffer through that… hopefully…

    • Christian Dahl

      By the way if you have any idea how to get this SIM ME code for my phone let me know at Sherifffoxworth@gmail.com because that would help.

  7. David

    We’ve been customers of T-Mobile for 12 years and found them useful while we lived in a metro area. However, we’re buying a home in the country. House payments will be less than rent here in Eugene, Oregon.

    I explained this to T-Mobile, telling them that we get no reception at our new home, no, nothing, nil, it is dead out there. I merely want them to take the phones back and forgive what we owe so that we can get service with another carrier that does provide service at the new place. They’re adamant that they will not take the phones back and forgive the balance that we owe. They suggested that we keep the account open with one line at 49.95 a month and get service from another provider with the rest of our other three members. They don’t get that we’re trying to save money, not have two accounts that will cost us much more. I’m out of work, just having graduated from school and I’m looking for work and my wife’s income is our only money. T-Mobile doesn’t care. I can only hope that the head honcho’s at T-Mobile get what they give out a thousand times over.

    Think that this is bad? Two years ago one young lady on our account had her husband die on her because of a heart attack. T-Mobile would not let her dead husband out of the account until she paid the phone off. Like mourning is hard enough without wolves outside your door demanding money. T-Mobile sucks the big one and I suggest that everyone avoid this blood sucking company forever.

  8. Jessica

    Tried to use their new home internet. Sent me a faulty gateway. Got the new one, and we can’t even use it because there isn’t a strong enough signal from them. Now they are insisting that I pay over $200 for a service I was never able to use due to their own issues! Over 10 hours wasted on the phone with their so-called “customer service “.

  9. Jack P

    Basically, My phone screen was broken because it fell out of my pocket while running. I had a case but it broke anyway but it was a small case so no biggie I’ll replace it with my insurance. I go into the store (Hanover, MA, the worst T-Mobile location) and the guy says I can’t have my phone replaced because I only got my new phone 7 months ago. Of course! Anyway I move on and say ok I can’t get a new one, only the screen is broken can I still get it repaired? The fuggin drone of a man at Hanover MA during the day on weekends (his schedule, the night guys are generally cool but still not helpful of course) said I could go to UBreakIFix, but both the locations he gave me were permanently closed down. I then went online and did the claim process but they sent me a replacement phone that was still registered under somebody else. I have requested a replacement for the replacement but it likely won’t even come until monday, 2 weeks after the initial start of the process. T-Mobile deserves to go under and this website also isn’t the best because it seems to censor swears / opinions.


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